Set Up Mobile App Tracking with Kochava

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With Kochava integration, you can see a real-time feed of installs and in-app events in the Adform platform (for this purpose, you can use Adform custom and standard reports).

Generate URL

To set up the installation event's postback URL, follow the Kochava postback creation guide.

Pay attention to the Name and Client ID fields when setting up a postback:

  • Enter the name of your Install event into the Name field. Kochava enters the name Install/Download by default, but if you are using more than one app it is better to use more specific names.

  • In the Client ID field, enter your Client Tracking ID which you can find in the Site Tracking > Tracking Settings page.

Click Tracking: Define Landing Page

When setting up a banner in Adform DSP, you need to define a landing page for the banner. This information is sent to the Kochava platform. The URL should look like this:




Update Campaign_ID and Network_ID with the information from the Kochava platform to finish the setup.

Replace Destination URL

To complete the integration with Kochava, replace the destination URL in Adform tag:

  1. Click Campaigns > Tags in the left sidebar in Adform FLOW (click Tags page in the menu bar in Legacy UI).

  2. Click Replace_URL.PNG in the tag row you want to edit.

  3. In the URL Modification field, select Replace.

  4. In the Replace URL field, paste the generated URL.

  5. Click Save.

Track Impressions

To track impressions, add Kochava impression tracking pixel in tags in Adform.

Example of Kochava tracking pixel:[Campaign_ID]&network_id=[Network_ID]&ADFrid=%%ADFRID%%&appDownloadData=%%ADFAPPDATA%%&device_id=%%ADFDEVID%%&device_id_type=adid&pm=%%ADFTRID%%

Where [Campaign_ID] and [Netword_ID] should be replaced with the actual values from Kochava.

For more details on setting up tracking pixels in Adform, see Tracking Pixels.

For more information about the Kochava tracking integration, you can contact Site Tracking Support (

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