Set Up Mobile App Tracking with Adjust

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With Adjust SDK integration, you can track app installs and other app events in the Adform platform, and use it to measure the performance of your campaigns, optimize your budget and automate your mobile marketing campaigns.

Create App Install Tracker

Follow the Adjust documentation to create an App Install Tracker in the Adjust platform. A created tracker should look like this:{TrackerID} 

To configure the tracking of custom variables, see Custom Variable Tracking.

Generate URL for a Landing Page

Use the Adjust Encoding Tool to generate a URL that you will later replace as the landing page for a banner in the Tags settings page.

Follow the guidelines to generate the URL:

  1. Insert the created App Install Tracker in the Enter your links field.

  2. Insert the link provided below in the Your Callback > Install field. You don't need to make changes, the details will be filled out dynamically.{app_name_dashboard}&ADFrid=%%ADFRID%%&adid={idfa||gps_adid}&appDownloadData=%%ADFAPPDATA%%


    All attributed install events will be registered under the tracking point with the same name as the app name in the Adjust dashboard.

  3. Use a single postback for all in-app events: insert the link provided below in the Your Callback > Event field. You don't need to make changes, the details will be filled out dynamically.{event}&ADFrid=%%ADFRID%%&adid={idfa||gps_adid}&appDownloadData=%%ADFAPPDATA%%
  4. At the bottom of the page, you will see the Generated URLs field, click Copy URL. You will have to paste it into the Destination URL field in the Tags settings.


    This setup tracks post-click installs and events. If you need to track non-campaign installs and events, read the Non-campaign Install and Event Tracking section below.

Replace Destination URL

  1. Click Campaigns > Tags in the left sidebar in Adform FLOW (click Tags page in the menu bar in Legacy UI).

  2. Click Replace_URL.PNG in the tag row you want to edit.

  3. In the URL Modification field, select Replace.

  4. In the Replace URL field, paste the generated URL.

  5. Click Save.

Non-Campaign Install and Event Tracking

If you want to track non-campaign installs and events, you need to set up a module integration between Adform and Adjust. To set up the integration, follow Adjust guidelines.


Data for both post-click and non-campaign installs are collected in this case, therefore you have to manually subtract post-click installs from total installs to know the exact number of non-campaign installs.

For more information about the Adjust tracking integration, you can contact Site Tracking Support (

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