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Cookies Set by Adform

Adform takes privacy very seriously and makes sure clients understand how Adform processes personal data. Advertisers and clients that use site tracking services have to be fully transparent about the cookies that are being placed on visitor's devices. The term “cookies” includes cookies and other identifiers, such as mobile advertising identifiers. Generally, cookies enable clients to target ads to visitors, evaluate how well their ads work, and see visitors’ opt-out choices. See the list of cookies that Adform sets on a visitor's device.

Data Collection

Adform is legally responsible for the data that is collected and used with respect to privacy regulations. Adform collects and uses the following data: cookie ID,  mobile advertising ID, cross-device IDs, and partner IDs. Adform also collects and stores certain information for its clients related to the interaction that visitors have with ads and digital properties (such as websites or mobile apps). Adform may also receive information from third parties to enable targeted advertising on websites and mobile applications. While Adform may provide such data for use by its clients, Adform always does so strictly in accordance with the permissions and restrictions imposed by the third party providing such data. For more details on what data is collected, see the section "What Information Do We Collect and Use" in the Adform Product and Services Privacy Policy.

Site-Tracking and Ad Server Regions

To run campaigns or collect visitor data from webpages, you must specify the region where Adform would store your data and serve ads from.

Select the most relevant tracking region that is closest to your audience's location. Consider where you want to run your campaigns and where your potential visitors could be.

For example, if you are based in Europe and want to run a campaign for a European audience, select EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa). To advertise in more than one region, select the global tracking domain ( In this case, Adform serves your campaigns from the region closest to your visitors to avoid latency issues.

To change the tracking domain, go to the advertiser's tracking settings.


Changing the default tracking domain (EMEA) affects tracking points, ad serving tags, search engine synchronization, and other features that use the tracking domain's name.


Tracking Domain



Tracking domain for North, Central, and South America.


Tracking domain for Asia and the Pacific region.


Tracking domain for China.


Tracking domains for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. is a default option. If you wish to have a tracking domain with a different name, select


Geo-balanced tracking domain for Adform Site Tracking and Direct campaigns.

When selected, Adform serves the tracking points from the location closest to the visitor to avoid latency issues. The cookies stored in the cookie pool are most relevant to the visitor's location.

For programmatic campaigns, this domain works the same as (EMEA).

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