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Adform Site Tracking is a powerful tool to collect users' data. You can collect data from websites, online shops, and apps where visitors interact. The gathered data include visitors' behavior, activity, intent, or interest signals, which can help you understand your audience better and contribute to data-driven business decisions.

Use Adform Site Tracking to collect pre-defined variables as well as custom variables. Adform follows the highest security and privacy standards to protect the data that you gather.

Benefits of Site Tracking

  • Understand where in the user journey your visitors are to drive them down your funnel.

  • Analyze where your website visitors are coming from.

  • Collect interest and intent signals from e-commerce visitors for re-targeting.

  • Add first-party data to your DMP audiences to build effective first-party audiences and run analysis.

Before You Start

Start with Site Tracking by generating tracking point codes in Adform FLOW. After you generate the tracking point code and implement it on your website, you can collect the tracked data and use it to adjust your campaigns.

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