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Each ad server and SSP is unique. Each has its own logic and performs differently. Because of this uniqueness, you use header bidding adapters to work together with ad servers and SSPs. Therefore, header bidding integrations differ.

Prebid.js is a feature-rich header bidding platform for the web, including many demand sources and analytics adapters. It supports currency conversion, GDPR, common ID systems, and multiple ad servers.

At a high level, header bidding with Prebid.js involves just a few steps:

  1. The ad server tag on the page is paused, bound by a timer, while the Prebid.js library fetches bids and creatives from various SSPs & exchanges you want to work with.

  2. Prebid.js passes information about those bids (including price) to the ad server tag on the page, which passes it to the ad server as query string parameters.

  3. The ad server has line items targeting those bid parameters.

  4. If the ad server decides that Prebid wins, the ad server returns a signal to Prebid.js telling the library to write the winning creative to the page.

Read more about the Prebid.js.

Use the Adform Prebid Adapter

In this scenario, the publisher already has implemented header bidding and is using an ad server. To add Adform to the existing header bidding workflow, you define Adform as a bidder with the required parameters. Those parameters are on the official Prebid website.


{ bidder: 'adform', params: { mid: 123456} }

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