Learn More With Adform Academy: SSP and Publisher Ad Server

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Adform offers free, on-demand training courses through Adform Academy. Learn about new parts of the platform or gain in-depth knowledge about more advanced topics — all at your own pace.

Recommended Courses for Sell-Side Clients

  • Understand Identity and First-Party Data: The way we collect and use internet user data is changing. This change disrupts the traditional way of using data to run digital advertising. In this course, we explain why such a change is happening, as well as what it means for you and the industry.

  • Explore the Advantages of ID Fusion: In this course, we'll uncover the power of ID Fusion. We'll explore the benefits of moving to first-party IDs, and explain how to set up your campaigns to work with first-party IDs.

  • Monetize Your Inventory by Creating Deals: This course covers the difference between open auctions and deals, explains the types of deals offered by Adform SSP, and provides guidance on creating, activating, and managing your deals.

  • Site Tracking: In this course, you will deep-dive into the world of Site Tracking. We will cover the basics of how to generate, customize and manage your site-tracking setup. At the end of the course, you will know how to work with tracking settings, container tags, and how to manage tracking points in the most effective way.

  • Data Foundations: With Adform FLOW, you can easily use data to create, manage and speak to your desired audience. Take this quick course to familiarize yourself with the data in the programmatic marketing world.

  • Master Data: In this short course, you will understand the benefits of Adform master data. Learn how you can analyze customer behavior patterns at a transactional level, which can lead to better strategic business decisions.

  • Use Reports to Check Your Inventory Health: In this course, you will learn how to run basic reports, when to use technical performance reports, and when to build custom reports.

  • Adform Studio: Learn how to use our ad-building tool Adform Studio to create engaging ads for websites or apps. Also, more experienced users can use the tool to access and customize the banner's HTML code. When you’re done, Adform Studio automatically generates the file structure required to run ads in Adform.

  • Setting Up Your SSP Account: This course is for you if you're an account administrator and you want to learn how to set up your SSP account. The course covers: key-value pairs, ads.text files and how to add creative templates. We also go through how to set up your inventory, add publishers and placements, and set inventory pricing.

  • Navigate the SSP Interface: This beginner course explores the widgets shown in Publisher Home, and the purpose of the tabs in the SSP platform.

  • Troubleshoot Deals - Sell Side: This Academy course investigates reasons for deals receiving little to no bid requests, impressions, and bid responses. We demonstrate how to create custom reports, and how to troubleshoot deals using bid loss reasons and bid count (for bid loss reasons).

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