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Adform can perform a full range of consulting and managed services for programmatic and direct advertising. As part of this service, you can outsource tasks to have Adform handle any (or all) tasks from the planning stage to creating reports. Adform, through the Creative Production team, offers end-to-end creative solutions for everything banner-related. You define the level of outsourcing against performing tasks in house in collaboration with your account manager.

Work with industry experts to benefit from the experience, industry relationships, analytical tools, and knowledge of best practices that the Adform Managed Services teams provide. By using Managed Services, you:

  • Effectively use your own resources.

  • Avoid costly advertising mistakes.

  • Increase campaign effectiveness.

Services for Data Management Platform (DMP)

Adform can perform various activities related to DMP management when you have insufficient capacity or knowledge. If you are interested in getting such a service, contact your dedicated Adform representative. The Managed Services team can prepare a custom offer based on your needs.


DMP tasks are not included in the default Managed Services contract or offered proactively. There is no official pricing or billing workflow for this service. However, the Managed Services team can provide such service at an additional cost.

Possible services include:

  • Create custom Audience Builder segments.

  • Create user profiles and grant module access.

  • Manage audience extension settings (such as ID Fusion or Lookalike settings).

  • Manage data exports to third-party platforms.

  • Manage data provider permissions.

  • Upload or download user IDs (cookies, MAIDs, or others) through the Adform interface.

  • Consult about how to optimize your account limits and thresholds.

  • Provide training about DMP best practices.

The most convenient way to bill clients is by developing a fee based on an estimated number of hours required each month. The Adform representative issues an invoice on a monthly basis.

Get Started with Managed Services

The Adform managed service scope and pricing is usually included in your contract under terms and conditions. If not, reach out to your Adform representative. There must be an agreement between the account manager, the Managed Services Team, and you as the client.

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