Get Certified with Adform Academy: Data Management Platform

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Adform offers free on-demand training courses through our education hub Adform Academy. You can learn about new parts of the platform, or gain in-depth knowledge on more advanced topics, all at your own pace.

Recommended Courses for DMP

We recommend the following courses to get started with the DMP:

  • Data Foundations

    With Adform FLOW, it's easier than ever to use data to create, manage and reach your desired audience. However, before we dig into Adform FLOW DMP capabilities, we have designed a quick foundation course for those less familiar with a variety of data used in a programmatic marketing world.

  • DMP Essentials

    This short yet informative course covers everything you need to know to start using the DMP. You will learn how to build and edit a DMP audience and set up Destinations.

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