Guidelines for Native Ads

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Native ads match the visual design of the web page or app. To appear as natural elements of the associated page or app, native ads implement metadata elements (such as headlines, thumbnail images, logo images, and descriptions).

Adform Recommendations for Native Ads


30 characters or less (standalone copy)


120 characters or less (standalone copy)

Brand Name

25 characters or less

Brand Logo

.jpeg (.jpg) or, preferably, transparent.png

Minimum (recommended) size: 300 x 300 pixels

Native Image

Recommended ratio 1:1 (can vary by publisher; all ratios are supported)

Text-free image: .jpeg (.jpg) or .png

Minimum size: 500 x 500 pixels

Recommended size: 1200 x 1200 pixels (can vary by publisher)

Maximum File Size

2 MB


SSPs, exchanges, and DSPs (or adtech vendors) have different requirements for the number of characters allowed in the headline, description, and brand name for native ads. Customize thumbnail and icon images according to the requirements of the different exchanges. For general information, download the IAB requirements PDF file or contact the inventory supplier for the details.

Available Native Inventory

Adform demand side platform (DSP) is connected to a range of native supply side platforms (SSPs). When delivering native ads, you can select inventory sources from those SSPs in the Inventory tab when creating or editing programmatic line items. For guidance on how to select inventory sources, see Set Up Inventory Targeting.

If you need help choosing the best inventory source for your business needs, reach out to your account manager.

Adform SSP

If you are working with Adform SSP, you can choose from the list of publishers that are available directly via Adform SSP.

Other SSPs

You can also choose other SSPs to deliver your native ads.

For more details on the SSPs that support native ads in specific markets, see an Overview of Native Supply in Adform.

If you're working with an SSP that isn't yet connected to Adform (not included in the list below), reach out to Adform Business Development (

Native Ads Limitations

When building a native banner, keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Rotators, schedules, nested rotators, storytelling, and other composite ad types aren't supported.

  • Video assets aren't supported.

  • Live preview isn't available for native ad banners. The view of a native ad depends on the form and function of the website, and where the ad is going to be.

  • Macros in impression pixels and JavaScript URLs aren't supported.

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