2024 March 12: Introducing Contextual Targeting Segments for CTV by Peer39

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Example 2. 2024 March 12: Introducing Contextual Targeting Segments in CTV by Peer39

We're excited to announce that new contextual targeting segment groups by Peer39 are now available for CTV environment in Adform FLOW. Peer39's CTV-specific categories enable safety and suitability along with clarity in pre-bid targeting. With new Peer39 contextual targeting segments, you can stay clear of unsafe, unverified, and non-CTV environments, and target users by content type, channel, production type, and geo-location to ensure high-quality placements. Take advantage of robust contextual planning and targeting toolset to achieve visibility, accuracy, and scale in this now dominant advertising format.

Peer39 offers a comprehensive set of global contextual signals, prioritizing relevance and quality for advertisers across various digital platforms such as the web, Connected TV (CTV), and mobile apps. In addition to conventional keyword analysis, their approach to contextual pre-bid ad targeting takes into account relationships between words, sentences, sentiment, and meaning. Peer39 operates without reliance on cookies, offering valuable targeting options with a long-standing presence in the pre-bid space.

Peer39's solution revolves around its content classification engine, which generates semantics-driven contextual targeting, brand safety and suitability assessments, page quality indicators, sentiment analysis, and other relevant data tailored to specific categories. The engine extracts information from real-time analysis of web pages and apps. Peer39's system comprises various components, processes, models, and technology, all of which contribute to its functionality. Furthermore, insights and methodologies developed from this framework extend to connected TV (CTV) applications, ensuring consistent and effective performance across platforms.

For more details on Peer39 solutions and methodology, visit Peer39's website.

When to Use Peer39's Contextual Targeting Segments for CTV

With the new Peer39 contextual targeting segments for CTV, you can:

  • Maintain brand safety.

  • Stay off of non-CTV environments.

  • Scale without wasting spend.

  • Run on quality content.

With this release, you can choose among the eight new Peer39 contextual targeting segment groups and target ads based on:

  • App store

  • Broadcast type

  • TV channel (cable)

  • Channel category

  • CTV demographics

  • Content genre

  • Device platform

  • OTT CTV service

Use Peer39 Contextual Targeting Segments

To use the new contextual targeting segments for your programmatic line items, follow the procedure in Activate Contextual Targeting, select Peer39 as Provider and choose which Segments to target.

For more details on contextual targeting, including best practices, see Understand Contextual Targeting.


In Adform reports, you can evaluate the performance of the new brand safety or contextual targeting segments that you select for your campaigns or line items. To see the relevant data, create a custom report and select pre-bid reporting dimensions: Pre-bid Brand Safety FeaturesPre-bid Brand Safety ProvidersPre-bid Contextual Targeting Features, or Pre-bid Contextual Targeting Providers.

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