2024 January 2: Introducing HyScore for Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety

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Example 1. 2024 January 2: Introducing HyScore for Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety

We're excited to introduce hyScore as a new provider in our contextual targeting and brand safety products offering. Currently focused on English, Turkish, and German language webpages, hyScore uses their own advanced AI technology to analyze and segment website content. This technology ensures that your ads are placed in the most relevant placements for the intended audience, while avoiding inappropriate content and protecting your brand's reputation. See pricing for both standard and custom segments, as well as how to request custom segments, in our Adform Help article.

HyScore is a brand safety and contextual targeting provider covering Europe and Turkey. HyScore offers advanced contextual targeting for your campaigns by analyzing full-string URLs and collecting comprehensive data including metadata, content, and context. For brand safety, hyScore recognizes and filters out questionable content in English, German, and Turkish.

HyScore provides you with these benefits:

  • Cookieless targeting of audiences relevant to your campaigns.

  • Over 650 standard contextual targeting segments that include IAB segments.

  • Custom segments available upon request.

  • 13 brand safety categories to filter out unsafe content.

  • GDPR and TCF compliance.

  • When used with ID Fusion, provides a wider reach while controlling frequency capping.

How HyScore Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety Solutions Work

HyScore works by analyzing full-string URLs, which means looking into the domain as well as any subdomain addresses, and into all topic and subtopic pages within. By analyzing those webpages, hyScore collects comprehensive data that includes metadata, content, and context. HyScore processes this data daily to create up-to-date targeting segments, which hyScore then pushes to Adform DSP for real-time matching with bid streams. This approach ensures that hyScore provides highly relevant allow-list webpages with contextual references and many granular contextual segments, as well as properly filters out unwanted content.

HyScore segments are available in three languages — English, German, and Turkish. You can use hyScore‘s solutions to target audiences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, as well as Turkey.

In addition to the standard contextual targeting and brand safety segments, hyScore also offers custom targeting segments. To request custom segments, reach out to contact@hyscore.io and provide your Adform client ID.

Use HyScore Solutions With Adform

To start using hyScore contextual targeting segments for your programmatic line items, follow the procedure outlined in Activate Contextual Targeting and select hyScore as the Provider.

To set up hyScore brand safety segments for your campaigns, follow the procedure outlined in Use Brand Safety with Adform and select hyScore as the Provider.


In Adform reports, you can evaluate the performance of the new brand safety or contextual targeting segments that you select for your campaigns or line items. To see the relevant data, create a custom report and select pre-bid reporting dimensions: Pre-bid Brand Safety Features, Pre-bid Brand Safety Providers, Pre-bid Contextual Targeting Features, or Pre-bid Contextual Targeting Providers.

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