2023 August 25: Deprecation of Adobe Audience Manager Realtime Integration

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Example 1. 2023 August 25: Deprecation of Adobe Audience Manager Realtime Integration

We are deprecating the Adobe Audience Manager Realtime Integration. Adform clients importing segments from Adobe’s DMP to Adform seat need to reach out to their Adobe rep and request the Adform Batch Destination, if it is not already in use.

Currently, Adform has two integrations with Adobe Audience Manager (AAM) that allow users to import their Adobe DMP’s data into Adform DMP and DSP. The realtime integration provides smaller real-time updates to your audience segments, while the batch integration supports daily segment updates and full segment uploads for a fast campaign start.

From October 20, 2023, we are discontinuing Adobe Audience Manager realtime integration with Adform, since this integration uses an older authentication method that we also plan to deprecate. The batch integration will continue to work and be supported.

Announced on

Sunset date

August 25, 2023

October 20, 2023

After the realtime integration is sunset, users of Adobe Audience Manager will still be able to import their segments using the “Adform S2S Batch” destination. The batch integration provides the same segment import capabilities as realtime integration, only differing in:

  • Update frequency — batch destination updates the segments once per day, while realtime destination does it multiple times, right after a user is added to or removed from a segment in AAM.

  • Update size — batch destination populates segments incrementally every day and updates the full audience size once a week, while realtime destination populates segments incrementally only.

How to Check Your AAM Destination

You might be using both batch and realtime integrations or just one of them. To check what destinations are available to you:

  1. Log in to your AAM account

  2. Click Manage Data > Destinations

  3. Check the available destinations in your destination mapping list:

    • If you have only “Adform S2S Batch” destination, this deprecation doesn’t affect you.

    • If you have both “Adform S2S Batch” and “Adform S2S Realtime” destinations, after this deprecation you will only be able to use the batch destination.

    • If you have only “Adform S2S Realtime” destination, you must contact your Adobe customer representative to get the “Adform S2S Batch” destination enabled. Once this destination is enabled, it will appear in your destination mapping list.

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