2023 August 22: Enhance Your Contextual Targeting With Oracle (Grapeshot) Predicts Segments

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Example 2. 2023 August 22: Enhance Your Contextual Targeting With Oracle (Grapeshot) Predicts Segments

We're excited to announce that Oracle (Grapeshot) Predicts Segments, a powerful contextual targeting feature is now available in Adform DSP. Powered by Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), Predicts offers real-time insights into trending content. This feature allows advertisers to follow trends as they evolve and strategically place their ads on relevant pages. Predicts Syndicated Segments are pre-built and leverage cutting-edge machine learning and contextual targeting technology to identify trending terms. Starting August 22, 2023, this feature will be available for €0.54/$0.58 CPM.

Oracle (Grapeshot) Predicts Segments is a new way to reach trending content, now available in Adform DSP. It is a unique dynamic contextual solution offered by Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), which provides advertisers with information about what content is trending and actionable in real-time. Predicts can increase the reach and performance of your campaigns by making sure your ads appear on relevant online pages as trends evolve.

Predicts recognizes and covers one-time and recurring trends such as various tentpole events, sports games, pop culture news, seasonal celebrations, and more. Since these kinds of events gather a lot of attention while they are happening, targeting them contextually is a great way to expand the reach of your brand.

To make sure Predicts is always aware of the emerging or evolving trends, ODC continuously monitors over six billion URLs in 31 different languages. In addition, the Predicts segments analyze only the content of the page to deliver ads, so there are no cookies involved.

This is how Predicts works:

  • It uses machine learning to identify new relationships between keywords on web pages, in this way improving reach.

  • As Predicts’ algorithms learn and evolve, the segments also evolve on their own. This ensures that you always reach relevant, trending contexts.

Predicts Syndicated Segments

Predicts Syndicated Segments are pre-built and ready to activate segments that users can’t change or update. Predicts creates these segments using a combination of machine learning and contextual targeting technology to identify the relevant trending terms.

A Predicts segment contains these components:

  • Terms (also called seed terms) — a small number of relevant keywords that define the topic and can be used as a guide and a source of truth for the segment.

  • Dynamic terms (also called expanded terms) — terms that are added to or removed from a segment based on the changes in trending content. These terms reflect what keywords are popular to bid on that day.

Oracle Data Cloud manages the segments and dynamically updates them with the closest associated terms that are relevant to the set of seed terms. These dynamic terms are gathered from the trending topics daily.

Predicts refreshes its segments every 24 hours. This means that your ads are always placed next to the currently trending content that extends your campaign reach.

See the list of Standard Predicts Segments that you can use in your targeting.

You can set up Predicts Syndicated Segments in your programmatic line item settings, available in the Oracle contextual targeting taxonomy. The activation is the same as other contextual targeting segments.

See the pricing for Predicts Syndicated Segments or learn more about Oracle Contextual Intelligence solutions.

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