Get Support for Platform Issues

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Adform has dedicated support teams to contact if you have issues with the Adform platform and need assistance.

Platform issues can include: the inability to save your settings, error messages that appear when you use the platform, pages that don't load, and so on. If you experience such issues, contact Adform support team ( with the following details:

  • Screenshots of the Network and Console tabs (from the browser's developer tools)

    For the procedure to take screenshots, see below.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue that you encountered

    Each person may have a different understanding about parts of the platform. To avoid confusion, Adform support needs a detailed explanation of the issue and clear steps to reproduce it.

  • Campaign ID and line item IDs

    To reproduce an issue, Adform support might need to know which account experiences the issue. Provide the campaign and line item IDs for Adform support to find the right details.

To take screenshots for Adform support:

  1. When an issue occurs, press F12 (for Windows) or Option+Command+I (for Mac).

  2. In the browser's developer tools pane, click the Network tab.

  3. Hover over the red lines and take screenshots of the expanded details.

  4. Click the Console tab.

  5. Take screenshots of any error messages.


Make sure to the the screenshot of the full window so that it's easier for Adform support team to recreate the issue that happened to you.

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