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If your campaign isn't delivering or isn't performing well, you can contact Adform support ( to investigate the issue. To get a helpful reply from Adform support, provide the following information:

  • Campaign ID

  • Line item IDs: If there are multiple line items from different orders that experience the issue, provide an overview of the issue. For example, indicate if all line items underperform or some experience a different issue.

  • Deal IDs (if applicable): Deal IDs identify which support team should investigate the issue.

  • Recent changes: If issues appear after you made changes to your campaign or line items, indicate those changes.

Avoid incomplete information such as:

  • Only campaign names, without their IDs. Because campaigns may have identical names, it can be difficult to know which campaign needs investigation.

  • Screenshots of data without details about the account or the campaign IDs

Check for These Campaign Issues

Before contacting Adform support, consider:

  • If the tags are In Progress for longer than expected:

    • It takes an inventory source up to 48 hours to approve the tags.

    • If the tags are In Progress for up to three days, resend them.

    • If you have third-party banners (TPBs), the approval process may take longer than three days. Adform has Confiant check the banners for suspicious malware calls inside them before approval.

  • If your campaign bids, but it wins no or few impressions, the issue is on the publisher's side. Check these details and then contact the publisher to find out why they filter your bids:

    • Create report for a non-winning reasons to get details about why your bids are lost. The publisher provides reasons in this report. If you see no details, there still may be reasons for not winning. You must ask the publisher to provide details directly.

    • If you use deals, see that the deal is sending enough traffic that you can target.

    • If you deliver in an open auction, use forecasting to see if there are available cookies that you can target.

      Forecasting doesn't take the following settings into consideration: ID Fusion targeting, brand safety, some frequency capping settings, accumulated capping (per campaign, on order level, on campaign level), setting to show one impression per page, some technical targeting settings, IP range, cookie and device IDs, nor banner sizes.

Learn More About Campaign Troubleshooting

You can learn more about campaign troubleshooting or review platform capabilities in Adform Academy:

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