2023 March 14: Contextual Data Targeting Based on Emetriq's Data Insights

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Example 5. 2023 March 14: Contextual Data Targeting Based on Emetriq's Data Insights

We're excited to announce Emetriq as a new provider in our Contextual Targeting suite of products. Currently focused on Germany, Emetriq allows you to activate contextual targeting in your browser and iOS mobile apps. With access to information from over 90 million active profiles, Emetriq uses a combination of semantic targeting and machine learning to provide the best predictions on interests, correlations, and social demographics, all without relying on third-party cookies or other ID solutions. This means you can enjoy highly targeted, effective advertising that goes beyond buzzwords.

With third-party cookie deprecation fast approaching, advertisers and agencies need new solutions to ensure their campaigns continue to reach the right audiences.

With the insights from Emetriq's data pool, you can take contextual targeting to the next level. Emetriq analyses information from more than 90 million active profiles to forecast user interests, identify correlations, and understand social demography. This unique combination of semantic targeting and machine learning is completely irrespective of third-party cookies or other ID solutions on the market. It allows precise contextual audience targeting that offers more than buzzword targeting.


Emetriq only supports segments in German language.

For more details, see Understand Contextual Targeting.

How It Works

Emetriq uses semantic analysis to identify websites relevant to the target group. It then uses insights on interests and other characteristics from the website content for segmentation.

By using machine learning, Emetriq’s data pool delivers ideal training data which identifies the correlation between single buzzwords on websites.

You can then use these findings for contextual targeting via Adform integration.

For more information, read Emetriq documentation.

Use Emetriq Contextual Audiences

To add Emetriq as a contextual provider, you need to set up contextual targeting for the line item. For more information, see Set Up Contextual Targeting.

When selecting which segments to target, you can choose from standard segments and custom segments. Custom segments appear in the segments list after the provider activates them. To request custom segments, reach out to Emetriq Support (sem@emetriq.com ). For more information, see Custom Contextual Segments.

To see a full list of available contextual targeting providers, features and their prices, see Pricing for Brand Safety, Contextual Targeting, and ID Fusion Features

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