Third-Party Ad Validation

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Adform provides an extensive ad validation service to guarantee that third-party ads that you serve via Adform meet all the required security requirements set by Adform, our partners, and all major publishers and ad exchanges.

Allow Listing of Third-Party Domains

When you're setting up a third-party ad, Adform checks whether the domains used in the ad are in the Adform allow list. For more information, check Adform Ad Quality Policies.

If the ad domain isn't in the allow list, you will see a message on the banner creation page: "Banner contains resources from forbidden domains". In this case, reach out to Adform Support (create new request) to include the domain in the allow list.

Tag Validation

When you create a tag, Adform scans the RTB tags for malware prevention. The first-time process for this can take up to 12 hours, so make sure you set up your campaign in advance.

If the tag doesn't follow Adform and industry standards and shows any malicious activity, Adform stops the tag. Adform Support team then reaches out to the client to analyze the situation. If the validation issue repeats, Adform may block your Adform account.


Adform carries out malware prevention scan for the tags as a continuous process as long as the tag is active. As long as no malware activity is detected, the scan doesn't affect your campaign delivery.

Tag Approval by Adform Supply Partners

Adform sends all RTB tags that you create to the selected inventory sources for approval. This helps to make sure that your campaign follows the requirements of the specific inventory sources you have selected for serving your banner to the client.

If the tag doesn't follow the inventory source's requirements, it will have the status "Rejected". In this case, you have to remove the banner that belongs to this tag, or adjust it and manually resend it for approval. For more information, see Troubleshoot RTB Tags.


For third-party ads, the tag approval process can take longer because tags have to go through additional auditing measures to verify that you are not serving any malicious content. This process can take up to 24 hours.

Considering that some exchanges take up to 48 hours to approve tags, assign banners to corresponding line items a few days before the campaign's start.

Pass Third-Party Ad Validation

To make sure that your third-party ad passes the ad validation process, follow the guidelines below:

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