Billing and Invoicing for DMP

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To issue an invoice to Adform, first, you need to generate a usage report, check the invoice amount and currency, and then send the invoice to Adform:

  1. Click Reports in the menu bar.

  2. Select Usage as a Report type.

  3. Click export.png at the top right of the page.

  4. Select the time period for the report.

  5. Click Create report.

  6. Download the report by clicking tileview.png, selecting the Report finished item, and clicking on the download link under File links.

  7. Open the report and check the DataProviderRevenue column to identify the invoice amount to Adform.

  8. Check the invoicing currency indicated in your agreement.


    The currency used in the DataProviderRevenue column is the account's currency. If the invoicing and account currencies don't match, you must convert the invoice amount to invoicing currency and include the exchange rate in the invoice.

  9. Issue the invoice to the same Adform entity as defined in your service agreement. See the list of Adform entities below.

  10. Send your invoice to


The payment terms of the invoice must match the terms defined in your service agreement. If you have any questions regarding contractual terms, unpaid invoices, or the invoicing amounts, contact the Billing team:

Adform Entities

Adform A/S

Adform Software Spain S.L

Adform Inc

Company name

Adform A/S

Adform Software Spain S.L

Adform Inc

Registration address

Silkegade 3B, DK-1113 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Calle Alcala 21, planta 10 izq., 28014 Madrid

160 Greentree Dr., Suite 101, Dover (County of Kent), DE 19904

VAT number




Registered number




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