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Adform Demand Side Platform and Ad Server are products offered as part of Adform’s integrated advertising platform, Adform FLOW, which also includes the Adform DMP

Adform’s products are designed to be used either as standalone solutions or as paired solutions. The more you use these technologies side by side, the greater the benefits you unlock. In some cases (and with some markets), you may also leverage the benefits of Adform FLOW alongside our Publisher solutions for a true end-to-end buying experience.  

Adform technologies are built with an open and integration-centric approach that allows you to leverage other popular technologies and partners. This includes data providers, brand-safety vendors, measurement verification partners, as well as an extensive assortment of other adtech technologies on both demand-side and supply-side technologies.

You can choose any combination of modular products and functions that best suit your needs: 

  • Campaign planning and measurement

  • Creative build and execution

  • Campaign reporting and optimization

  • Audience collation and planning

  • Programmatic and direct buying

  • Supply and access curation

Adform Ad Server and DSP Features

Operating as pillars within Adform FLOW, Adform’s DSP and Ad Server provide one of the industry’s most complete and powerful sets of tools for building and activating your campaigns. Adform FLOW bridges the Ad Server and DSP through seamless data hand-off and an integrated user experience and workflows.

Demand Side Platform

The Demand Side Platform (DSP) is the part of Adform FLOW where you can identify, reach, and buy in real time at scale. You can do this across all major channels such as display, audio, video, CTV, DOOH, mobile, and in-app. With the Adform DSP, your campaign management decisions use advanced buying algorithms with human/machine intelligence to help you reach your campaign goals, deliver enhanced budget efficiency, and maximize your impact. With a heavy focus on augmented intelligence throughout the platform, Adform DSP works to reduce repetitive tasks, eliminate unnecessary guess work, and augment your daily activities for maximum results. 

The Adform DSP provides you with:

  • Personalized home page as an actionable advertiser overview

  • Global inventory at scale and robust marketplace for Omnichannel buying

  • Easy campaign health checks

  • Built-in proprietary anti-fraud protection

Ad Server

The Ad Server is the part of Adform FLOW where you can generate, measure, create, and serve powerful digital advertising. With its origin as a reporting and authentication tool for digital advertisers, the Ad Server is the beating heart of any digital advertising buy.

Our Ad Server has evolved significantly since we first introduced it and has grown to become one of the industry’s most consistent and powerful ad servers. With a focus on creative and reporting, the Ad Server provides a way for you to master campaign data and the ability to create and execute exciting technologies (like Dynamic Creative Optimization) while providing key tools like Site Tracking.   

With the Adform Ad Server, you can:

  • Create an extensive Media Plan.

  • Create, validate, and serve digital ads.

  • Prepare campaign goals and execution with advanced Site Tracking.

  • Go beyond basic digital advertising and scale it with the power of Adform Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO).

  • Evaluate campaign performance through MRC accredited measurement.

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