Integrate with Adform DSP: API Overview

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An application programming interface (API) is a way to customize your use of Adform’s service. When using the Adform interface, data and settings are available in a user-friendly way to all customers in the same manner. When using the Adform APIs, you determine how you work with your data. To take advantage of Adform’s APIs, you need developer resources.

With the Adform APIs you can integrate data from Adform into your own applications. (For example, your application may take data from your Adform account to show graphically.) Look at the API documentation to learn about available services and to see if the Adform APIs could satisfy your use cases.


For example, to integrate with Adform's demand side platform (DSP) as an advertiser, you may want to see How To Set Up and Manage a Campaign. You can use APIs to:

  • Integrate Adform data into your in-house dashboarding platform.

  • Integrate Adform campaign management into your company workflows.

  • Create custom front-end tools to show pertinent KPIs.

  • As an advertiser, create custom solutions for clients to use Adform products.

  • Integrate with data partners.


To access an Adform product through Adform APIs, you must have a separate user account for that product with additional rights activated. For setting up a separate user account, contact Creative & Platform Support (

To integrate with an existing external provider, contact the provider for the required information.

Usually, providers already have workflows implemented. Therefore, you may only need to log in with your Adform credentials to that platform.

API Authentication

Adform API endpoints require authorization to control access to your data. For most of the available Adform services, you need a valid user account. Because Adform uses OAuth 2.0 as the authorization standard, you must register an application (the OAuth client) to use in API workflows. In addition to OAuth, Adform partially supports OpenID Connect (OIDC).

For details about how to work with Adform’s authorization process, see the Adform Authorization Guide.

An OAuth client must be registered to use the Adform API, which supports client credentials, authorization codes, and implicit authorization flows. The client_id and client_secret are credentials that identify a client.

To register a client, please contact the Creative and Platform Support team ( and provide:

  • A short description of your application (Adform's API use case)

  • The authorization flow used

  • A list of needed scopes for the application

  • If your application uses a client credentials flow, also provide the username of the account on which the application works.


To receive application credentials, the account must have a valid email address. It’s best to have a separate user account for this workflow.

If an application uses an authorization code or implicit flows, provide this information:

  • Return URLs of the application (The Adform API redirects a user to one of the URLs after successful authentication.)

  • Name of the application as shown on the login page

  • The URL for the application’s logo (50x50 pixels)

  • The URL for the page with information about your application (This could be an About us page.)

API Support

For information about API services and any general API questions, please contact the dedicated API support team:


The API support team can't advise you on how to automate API solutions, but may be able to help with troubleshooting.

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