Build HTML5 Banners with Third-Party Software

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With Adform, you can serve banners created on a third-party platform, for example Google Web Designer, or Adobe Animate. Before uploading the banner, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The banner must be compressed into a .zip file and contain the required files.

  2. The banner must be clickable — have click actions defined and click through to clickTAG value.

Prepare the .zip file

  • Make sure that each HTML5 banner prepared for Adform is compressed as a .zip file and has the required files.

  • Make sure that .zip file for the HTML5 banner has a manifest.json file and that the file is zipped with images, scripts, and other necessary material.

  • Define clicktag values in the manifest.json file (see Add Click Tag Variables section for examples).

Add Click Tag Variables

You can add a click tag to an HTML5 banner. See the various methods for doing this:

See how to add multiple click tags to your HTML5 banner.

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