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Please note that starting from February 28th, 2022, Direct Login (legacy login option) will be deprecated. You must upgrade your account to a Profile to avoid temporary loss of access to the platform.

In case you have any questions, please reach out to our support team (technical@adform.com).

The conversion from Direct Login to profile can only be done by the user with the Local Administrator role. If you don't have the Local Administrator role, reach out to your Adform contact to assign this role to one of your existing users.

Upgrade to Profile

  1. Click user30x30.png at the top right corner and select User Management.

  2. Click on the user name that has Direct Login in in the Account Type column.


    If all the users are listed as Profile in the Account Type column, no action is need, as all the users have been upgraded successfully.

  3. Go to Convert to Profile tab.

  4. Enter account owner’s Email.

  5. Click Begin Conversion.

    The registration link will be sent vial email.

  6. Inform the user to click on the registration link in the email.


    The user must finish the conversion within 48h. After this period the link expires and you need to restart the conversion.

  7. The user needs to fill in the details of the new account and click Create. If you're currently logged into the platform, you will need to first log out to proceed with the profile registration.

  8. The user need to log to the platform with the newly created username and password.

Once the conversion is done, the user will be listed as Profile in the Account Type column.

API Integrations with Direct Login Accounts

If you are using OAuth as your authentication method, deprecation of Direct Login will not affect your account. However, if you have an older version of API integrations that have been dormant for several years, you will need to upgrade your authentication method. Please contact your technical support team (technical@adform.com) to first update your authentication method to OAuth before performing user conversion to a Master Account with Profiles.

By upgrading to Profiles, you can:

  • Benefit from the single sign-on feature.

  • Improve access security via the Two-Factor Authentication and the allow list for IPs. The conversion is initiated by the business account administrator.

  • Access to Adform Academy Training Modules.


In case you are using Adform platform login details to access external integrations, we recommend setting up a separate non-personal email in Adform for the integration purposes.

That is because some external integrations don't support the user switching functionality (applicable when the same user e-mail is used for different accounts), hence the integration on the external platform can break entirely and don't allow you to log in and/or see any data that is stored there.

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