2022 April 20: Custom Categories in Audience Marketplace

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Example 8. 2022 April 20: Custom Categories in Audience Marketplace

From now on, you can use the Custom Categories filter when selecting audiences in the Audience Marketplace. First, select a specific data owner. The list of Custom Categories will then appear on the left side of the page, below the Unified Taxonomy list. With this filtering improvement, you can now manage audiences easier.

Use the Audience Marketplace to increase the performance of your campaigns by activating the high-quality data of your partners and connected data providers. With first-, second-, and third-party data available in one place, Audience Marketplace can help you discover the audiences most relevant to your campaign goals.

To access the Audience Marketplace:

  1. In the left sidebar, click Audiences > Marketplace.

  2. Choose an Advertiser from the list and click Select.

    Audience Marketplace shows a list of audiences that are available for this specific advertiser.

Search for Specific Audiences

If you are looking for a specific audience, it's best to perform a search by the audience name or ID. You might be looking for an audience you created that belongs to your own DMP account or one that an audience publisher or data provider shared with you. For example, you might have access to a custom audience created based on your specific criteria.

  1. In the top-left corner of the Audience Marketplace, select All Audiences tab.

  2. To narrow the search result if you know the data provider or the DMP account name, in the top-right corner click filter30x30.png > Data Owner.

  3. In the search box, type the name or ID of the audience and click search.png.

  4. Browse the list of audiences to find the one(s) that you were looking for.


    If you cannot find the audience you were looking for, try removing the filters (except Advertiser).

  5. Select the checkbox(es) next to audience(s) to add to line item targeting.

Add Audiences to Line Item Targeting

Once you select the audience(s), you can add them to your line items' targeting. The workflow differs depending on whether you access the marketplace from the left sidebar or from the line item setup.

If you access the Audience Marketplace from the left sidebar, in the top-right corner, click Add to new line item or Add to existing line items.

  • If you add audience(s) to a new programmatic line item, follow the instructions to finish setting up a new programmatic line item.

  • If you add audiences to already created line items in your campaign, select a campaign, order, and line item, and then click Save.

If you access the Audience Marketplace from a programmatic line item setup, to finish adding audiences to the line item targeting, see Set Up Audience Targeting.

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