Multiple Animations

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On Adform Studio you can add more than one animation on top of any component. You can choose from the following animations: Move, Faze, Zoom, Pulse, and Rotate.

  1. All of your applied animations will be looping based on the number you indicate. If you need to loop forever, type a considerably large number.

  2. You can show your animations on banner load, which means that animations will fire together with banner load or on an action where a specific animation will be displayed only after a specific action happens. For example, when the banner expands, a button fades in.

  3. When using a Move animation, select an end position by clicking Select custom end position. Afterwards, click anywhere on the stage (the working area) of the ad. The component will move to that specific place.

  4. Click New Animation to apply more than one animation on a specific component.

  5. The selected component.

On Load

'On load' means that your applied animations will start together with banner load. This is the default selection in Adform Studio's builder as this is the most common behavior for an ad.

On Action

'On action' means that your applied animations won't start on banner load but only a specific action will be triggered. Apply the animation and then set an action in the Actions section on which your animation will be triggered.

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