Actions and Events

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Actions are the pre-set activities that are performed on a specific component during the viewer's interaction with an ad or after a certain condition is met.

In Adform Studio, you need the following attributes to define an action:

  • A component on which an action is going to be performed. (For example, a video, a button, a panel.)

  • A user interaction or condition that will trigger an action. (For example, a click, a release, the start of carousel rotation.)

  • An action that was triggered by a user's interaction or condition. (For example, open a clickTAG, call a number, show floating.)

  • An element that an action is directed towards. (For example, a clickTAG, a phone number, a floating ad.)

To add an action:

  1. In the workspace, click the component to open the component's settings panel.

  2. Go to Actions > New Action, and select an action from the list.

  3. In Do Action list, select an action that follows the trigger.

  4. If needed, provide further information to complete the action, such as a clickTAG, a phone number, a target, or other.

  5. Click Save.

Examples of Actions and Events

Open ClickTAG: Adding a clickTAG upon clicking a basic button.

Triger Action On: Triggering video play upon clicking a basic button.

Show Floating : Triggering a floating type banner upon clicking a basic button of a caller banner.


Show Floating action applies to floating ads only. To perform the action, upload the banner to the platform and build a synchronized ad.

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