Actions and Events

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Actions are the pre-set activities that are performed on a certain component during the viewer's interaction with the ad or after a certain condition is met.

The following attributes define an action:

  • The component on which the action is going to be performed (for example, a video, a button, a panel).

  • The user interaction/condition that'll trigger the action (for example, a click, a release, the start of carousel rotation).

  • The action that's triggered by the user interaction/condition (for example, open a clickTAG, call a number, show floating).

  • The element that the action is directed toward (for example, a clickTAG, a phone number, a floating ad).

To add an action:

  1. Click the component in the components list that you want to add an action to.


2. In the components settings panel, click Actions > New Action, and select an action trigger from the drop-down list.


3. Select an action that follows the trigger.


4. If needed, provide further information to complete the action, such as a clickTAG, a phone number, a target, and other.


5. Click Save.

Actions and Events Examples

  • Open ClickTAG: adding a clickTAG upon clicking a basic button.

  • Triger Action On: trigger video play upon clicking a basic button.

  • Show Floating : triggering a floating type banner upon clicking a basic button of a caller banner.


Show Floating action is applicable to floating ads only. To perform the action, upload the banner to the platform and build a synchronized ad.

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