Upload Third-Party Ads and Apply Adform Features

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To run your externally created ads on Adform, you have to make sure they comply with Adform specifications, such as click tag and tracking implementation. Adform Studio can help you test your HTML5 content and check its compatibility with Adform requirements.

Upload Your HTML5 Ad to Adform Studio

Before uploading your HTML5 banner to Adform Studio, make sure that it's compressed into a .zip folder that consists of a main HTML file as well as any folders that contain images, video, code, and other necessary components. We recommend to include a manifest.json file in the .zip folder for Adform to see any defined banner parameters and metadata. If you don't have a manifest.json file included, you can still upload your HTML5 banner to Adform Studio and it automatically detects any metadata available. In case Adform can't automatically determine banner category, format, or dimensions, you need to enter them manually.

To upload your HTML5 banner to Adform Studio:

  1. Log in to Adform Studio.

  2. In the left sidebar, click NEW > Upload Banner.

  3. Select the .zip file of your HTML5 banner.

  4. If Adform can't read the banner metadata, a pop-up appears. Inside it, select the correct banner category and format, and enter dimensions.

  5. Click Upload.

Update Your HTML5 Ad to Fit Adform Requirements

Adform Studio has a feature that detects HTML5 banners with no Adform scripts and offers to inject a reference to Adform DHTML library and apply a Global clickTAG for those banners. This is very useful when you have multiple HTML5 banners and need to apply one clickTAG to all of them.

This feature is triggered automatically when Adform detects that the uploaded banner lacks scripts.

To add Global clickTAG to your HTML5 banner:

  1. In the dialog window, click + ADD GLOBAL CLICKTAG.

  2. Click PROCEED.


Adding a Global clickTAG works only if your banner has no other interactive components, such as close or navigation buttons. Global clickTAG applies to the whole banner, which means that adding it to your banner will make any other interactive components inactive.

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