Upload Third-Party Ads and Apply Adform Features

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HTML5 Studio enables any HTML5 Ad to be fully compatible with the requirements of Adform Ad Serving technology. To ensure that every externally-created ad complies with Adform's specifications, such as click tag and tracking implementation, Adform provides a set of features that help you to test any HTML5 content and see if the ad meets the requirements.

Uploading your custom build HTML5 Ad to Studio

To get begin with, ZIP your HTML5 content (Ad). The ad should consist of the main HTML file and other folders that contain images, javascript, css. It would be beneficial if the ZIP package had ADFProperties.xml or at least manifest.json. However, HTML5 Studio can process ZIPs that do not contain any Adform metadata.

Adform will automatically detect as much metadata as possible but if it is not possible to automatically determine banner category, format, or dimensions, you will be asked to indicate them manually. Below is an example of the process:

Step 1. ZIP files.


Step 2. Upload that ZIP to Studio by selecting the Upload banner option.


Step 3. If asked, provide correct banner category, format, and dimensions.


Banner Adformification

Adform has a feature that automatically detects your ad that has no Adform scripts and, alternatively, offers to inject reference to Adform dhtml.js library and offers to apply a Global clickTag for the entire banner. This can be found especially handy when you have multiple HTML5 Ads and you need to apply one clickTag to all of them.

Adformification dialog pops up automatically after system detects that the uploaded banner is lacking scripts:


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