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As a user of Adform, you may receive some notifications by email. Adform sends these messages to the email address associated with your username. For more information, see User Management. You can adjust whether to receive certain security notifications.

You can add two-factor authentication (2FA) to your account to make it more secure.


Be sure to use a strong password for your account. For information, see Change or Reset Your Password.

Security Notifications

Adform monitors all login attempts and main activities that are set for each username. If certain activities seem suspicious (such as many unsuccessful logins creating a locked account), Adform sends a notification to the email address for that username.

Security notifications inform you of a potential security threat to your account. If you changed a setting for your account, you can ignore certain notifications. (For example, if you change your password, you can ignore a message about a changed password.)


Once you log in, you can see your last login information by clicking acccount_settings.png at the top of any page.

You receive an email notification, when certain changes occur to your account. These include:

  • Permanently locked account

  • Temporarily locked account

  • Changed password

  • Status change for two-factor authentication (2FA)

  • Different login access information

Login Access Information

After you log in successfully for the first time, Adform adds your location and the device used to your user information. If your situation changes, Adform notifies you about the changed condition(s). Because of this, Adform notifies you if someone logs in with your username but with different access information.

  • You log in from a different country.

  • You use a VPN. (A reflected country can differ from your actual location.)

  • You use a different device or browser. (This may occur after updating a browser.)

  • You clear browser cookies (or the browser's cache).

  • You log in using incognito mode.

  • Your IP address gets assigned to a new country by an ISP provider (rare).

Adjust Notifications

By default, Adform notifies you about unrecognized logins from a different country or a device you haven't used before. You can turn off these notifications.

To adjust access information notifications:

  1. At the top of any page, click Account settings icon> My Account.

  2. Click the Notifications toggle.

  3. Click Save.

Adjust Two-Factor Authentication

By default, two-factor authentication (2FA) isn’t active. Two-factor authentication is an extra security layer to prevent others from accessing your account.


When 2FA is active, each time you log in, you must provide a code that Adform sent to complete the login process. If you don’t want to enter 2FA codes for a limited time (365 days), select the Trust this device checkbox before entering the code.

If you want to remove the 2FA from your account, contact Adform Support ( publishers@adform.com ).

To make sure that your account is protected to the highest standards, add two-factor authentication to your account by activating it in your account profile.

To activate (or inactivate) two-factor authentication:

  1. At the top of any page, click acccount_settings.png > My Account.

  2. Click the Two Factor Authentication toggle.

  3. Follow the instructions provided in the right side panel (to download the application and generate a QR code).

  4. Enter the Authentication Code.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save.

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